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What Your Website Says About You

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

You might think that the design of your website isn’t that important. As long as the basic information is there, who cares right? Wrong! Your website can say a lot about your business without them even reading any of the content and it can affect people's perception of you. So let’s take a look at some ways that your website can give the right, and wrong impression.

Baby crying on beach with birthday hat and cake
Don't let your website provoke this reaction!

It’s not formatted for mobile devices

Half of website traffic is now viewed on mobile phones. So, it’s important that your website not only looks good on a desktop but also looks good and functions well on a smart phone or tablet.

It also makes you look slow on the uptake if it’s not formatted for a mobile device. Where are you living? 1998?

It’s complicated

If your visitors have to go through a complicated set of menu’s to get to the content they want. They won’t bother and probably won’t come back either. Have a clear menu and put it somewhere obvious and the same place on every page of your website.

It doesn't show your experience

You want your customers to feel confident that you will not only deliver the thing that you say you will but that it’s good quality too. Most websites have an ‘about us’ page for that reason. To show off their skills and experience and to reassure their customers that what they’re paying for is good quality.

No reviews, ratings or testimonials

It makes you look dodgy. Sprinkle quotes throughout your website, have a testimonials page, whatever. If you want to make your website look legit make sure you have some sort of published feedback from customers/users.

The branding doesn't fit

Think about the non verbal queues your website is giving. Do you give off a professional, corporate vibe or something more casual? Does the design and layout of your website integrate well with the rest of your branding? The look of your website is as important as the content; don't put off potential clients by having a shoddy looking, out of date one. If you've made it to the bottom of this post and you're now thinking "Holy Guacamole! I need to zhuzh up my website pronto!" Don't panic. You can hire me fix up your website or design you a new one.

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