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Christmas Time is here. 5 things you can do for your business over the Christmas break.

I don’t know about you but I tend to get reflective over Christmas. I think it comes with the inevitable slowing down of things at this time of year, along with the fast approaching end of 2021, it feels natural to stake stock of everything that’s happened over the past 12 months.

One long standing tradition of mine is to make a mixtape of all my favourite songs of the past year. I’ve been doing this in some shape or form since 1995. It used to mean that I would literally sit

Cassette tape
Nothing beats a good mixtape.

down with a blank cassette and either find the best tracks from my huuuuge CD collection or put the radio on to catch a song that I wanted to include. These days it's as simple as making a playlist on Spotify, it’s also really fun to dig out the older ones and laugh at my tragic taste in music.

Now, with my first year as a freelance communications consultant/ business owner complete, there are some more relevant reflections and activities I want to share with you.

So, here are 5 things I’m going to do over the Christmas break. 1) Celebrate the milestones.

One thing I’ve learnt over the time I’ve running my own communications consultancy is that milestones come in all shapes and sizes. Of course there are the big ones like, my first client, my first paycheck through Cariad Communications and the first time a client approached me on their own. But also there are the smaller ones like my business cards turning up, publishing my website and enjoying every single ‘like’ on the Cariad Communications Facebook group. (If you’d like to join the Facebook group click here.)

Of course, with 2021 being the year it’s been, we’ve all had our various hardships. Sometimes my big win of the day was getting washed and dressed! So I think looking back and celebrating everything you’ve managed to do is particularly important this year. You never know, you might surprise yourself on what you’ve actually accomplished!

2) Be thankful.

I am very thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve worked with this year. From building websites to creating social media content, each one has been a meaningful, informative and fun interaction. That is a big value behind my work, I get a unique opportunity to connect with and help a person. I genuinely want everyone I work with to know that they are important and valued and I want to know about THEM as much as what they need me to do. It makes my work better too as I can infuse as much of their personality and values into what I’m doing.

It’s really enjoyable to get a snapshot of each organisation that I work with too. From small business owners to charities, churches to think - tanks, it’s been a huge privilege and pleasure to work with them all. THANK YOU! 3) Plan ahead.

Since I launched Cariad Communications earlier this year there’s been a lot of inspiration and ideas for things I’d like to do with this consultancy. The Christmas break gives me an excellent opportunity to get organized and think about what I’d like to do and when in 2022. To give you a sneak peak into what I’m planning you can sign up for my newsletter here(I promise not to be spammy) you can also get exclusive offers and other nuggets of joy related to communications.

4) Carve out space for rest and joy.

2021 was a whirlwind of activity! Ever since I decided to take the giant leap into the unknown with Cariad Communications it’s been a busy season of getting things established here, joining a most excellent neurodiverse business network, speaking opportunities and of course working with lots of lovely people. It’s been an absolute blast!

With the Christmas break comes a nice opportunity to slow down, put the out of office on and let the dust settle. Rest is just as important as work. It’s tempting when you work for yourself to just go go go because if you don’t do it, no one else will! I’ve learnt the hard way that if you don’t press pause every so often it doesn’t help anyone, especially yourself, if you are on maximum velocity all the time. So give yourself permission to slow down, put your feet up, binge watch that series on Netflix you’ve had on your list and breathe.

5) ENJOY CHRISTMAS/ THE HOLIDAYS! (And make that mixtape)

The Christmas period has been looking a bit different at the moment. I must admit I’ve had to have a chat with myself more than once that it’s going to be ok. There are still lots of ways to have fun and connect with people over Christmas. So, however you spend it, whoever you spend it with, I really want to wish you a good one. Pop the champagne, tuck into a mince pie, write those Christmas cards and I’ll see you in 2022! Now, where did I put those mixtapes…. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM CARIAD COMMUNICATIONS. Big thanks to; Westminster Skills Centre Fabian Womens Network Positively Magickal Sanctuary Vocal (Voice for unpaid carers) Carol Knight Artist Gabriella Russo Safeguarding The Blanketfort Company NeuroDiverge Hopeworks Church - New website built by me coming in the new year!

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