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Want copy that does the heavy lifting for you? Step this way...

I can write the words that will get you the results you want (and deserve!)
Here's what I can do. 

Image by Katt Yukawa

Charity Communications

From your latest campaigns to donor communications I can create you copy that inspires donations, explains the issues you care about and shares your impact.
I have worked in charity communications for over five years, from international NGO's to small charities working hard in their local area, I have finessed my skills to get the results needed. I want to share that experience with you. 

What's on offer

Fundraising communications - From appeals to stewardship, I can create content that brings in new donors or deepens your relationship with them.   

Digital communications - From updating webpages, writing blog posts to social media campaigns. You need consistent and engaging messaging to successfully get the word out. 

Impact - I can tell your story and successfully share your impact by creating Annual Reports, Case Study's and writing articles. (I can also help you design your Annual Report)

Entrepreneur's, Small Business & Start Up's

Starting something is a huge adventure but the downside is you have to do EVERYTHING. You can end up getting bogged down with things that drain your time away from what made you create your business in the first place. Well, you don't have to go it alone. Hire me and I can work with you to create compelling copy which converts. Using my experience in content marketing and copywriting for Entrepreneurs, Small Business' and Start Up's and my work from Ogilvy PR, I can write you the words that get you the clients and that cash money. CHA Ching! 

What's on offer

Content Marketing - Whether you need a lead magnet, a newsletter or a blog post I can write you copy that gives you more clients and awareness. 

Webpages and Social media - You need effective copy for your digital outputs that cuts through all the noise. I can create copy for your website and social media that gets clients clicking and turns casual browsers into engaged customers. 
Need help with design? I can do that too. 

Print -  I can write the materials you need for trade fairs, festivals, events and more. No more franticly pulling words off your website or searching for your product descriptions. 

SEO, keywords and meta descriptions - These elements often get missed when thinking about effective sales copy. Make sure your website gets a top place in search engine results. No more being buried on page 7 of the list, I promise. 

Business Owner

"What an absolute wonder buzzard Rachel is! In just a month she made an unbelievable difference to my google ranking, reach and engagement. Having Rachel taking charge of my social media was a real weight of my mind."    Sara Kedge - The Blanket Fort Co. 

Public Affairs and Political Communications

My passion for the public sector and politics has been nurtured by my degree in Community Development and Public Policy and grown by my voluntary work with Fabian Women's Network. I am driven by making political participation as accessible as possible. I want to work with those that wish to see the best of their communities and create better policy to improve the outcomes of those that need it most.

What's on offer

Stakeholder and Supporter Communications - I can work with you to produce content that keeps your stakeholders and supporters engaged and informed. From writing newsletters that definitely won't go in the bin to website updates, I will make sure the right people know what you are up to. 

Social Media Content - Don't under estimate the value of quality social media content! I can help you craft effective social media campaigns, spread awareness of your work and increase your engagement. I'm also a dab hand at making eye catching visuals, static and animated to go along with your posts.  

Content Copywriting - To display your expertise or impact, I can write blog's or article's ensuring all your key messages are communicated effectively along with making it tip top with SEO and keywords. 

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