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 Social media is a powerful and influential way of getting across your messages. If you do it right, your brand could be seen by more people (and their cats) then you could possible imagine.
I got started in communications as an intern for an international NGO. So I've built up a knowledge base of all the hacks you need to supercharge your social media content. Take a look at some of my case study's below and see for yourself how I can get you smashing social media. 
We Make Change

We Make Change is a platform dedicated to connecting those that want to make a difference with the charities and causes that need their skills. They've turned the concept of volunteering on it's head by making it skills - based, so that those who contribute can see that they are making a valuable difference and organisations can get the help and expertise they actually need without for free.

My Role

I joined We Make Change pretty much at the very beginning. As a result, I worked with them to establish their brand and begin to build their platform on social media. 
I created assets such as banners, infographics and visual content for posts across their social media channels. 
I also worked extensively with the CEO and PR & Communications team in establishing their content strategy, key messaging, brand guidelines and tone of voice.
As a result, We Make Change saw it's audience grow from the low hundreds to over eight thousand followers on Facebook alone and, establish themselves as a global leading voice for young change makers.

Kind words

"Rachel is perhaps the most active, energising and motivating person I have worked with. She always does her best at any task and is willing to do whatever is needed to help anyone in a team when they need it. Always a delight to work with her!"  James - We Make Change CEO
Fabian Women's Network
Fabian Women's Network (FWN) is the womens section of the Fabian Society. They can be summed up in three words; Sisterhood, Solidarity and Service. FWN exists to ensure that diverse women’s voices are influential in politics, public life and policy making. FWN aims to be an intersectional feminist network. So it understands the barriers women face when entering and progressing in politics and public life are not the same for everyone, with some women facing multiple and intersecting layers of discrimination. FWN works to elevate a range of voices and promote those in political and public life who are under-represented.
My Role

I joined FWN at a crucial moment. The Covid-19 pandemic had just begun and all of their original communications team had left. They were wanting to increase their presence on social media to stay in touch with their members through lockdown and promote their online events. 
I worked with the Chair and key members of the Executive Committee to build a communications strategy. Develop consistent and high quality content across all their channels. And, to recruit and train volunteers from within the network to feel confident in running their social media accounts, whilst providing back end support with visual assets and analytics reports. 
I also worked with them on creating content for their bi - weekly newsletter and other publications.
As a result, FWN saw increased engagement in their content, attendance at their events shoot up and a far wider representation of women from across the country take part in their mentoring scheme. Members of the network felt better informed of what was going on and better connected to each other through a very challenging and isolating time.
Kind Words
"I love all the work Rachel does. Her designs are really eye catching and well produced. She has completely turned around our comms, I can't imagine what we would have done without her!
Rachel is a very hard worker with nothing being too much problem for her. She gets the job done and then some all with a smile, patience and good humour. She has been a real asset to FWN" - Kindy FWN Co - Vice Chair
Do you want me to make your social media smashing?
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