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How do I hire you?
Get in touch either by the form on the Homepage or send me an email. Give me a little bit of info about what you'd like done and the timescale, we can go from there.

What does Cariad mean?
Cariad is Welsh for lovely, gorgeous, sweetheart, my love - you get the picture! I am Welsh, and proud of it! I wanted to reflect my heritage in the name of my business. I love a bit of alliteration too and so Cariad Communications was born.

What are your prices?
A lot of the work I do is tailored to your specific needs. As a result every project has a different price. A simple landing page will cost a lot less than a full website with all the bells and whistles. That said, I try to keep costs down and prices reasonable and can work with you to find a price point, and an outcome, that makes everyone happy. If you want to get a feel for my rates you can take a look at my guide price list here. 

I don't live in the UK. Can we still work together?
Absolutely! I'm really flexible with my working pattern so if you're based in the United States, Australia, South Africa or Azerbaijan I can accommodate you and your time zone no problem.  
I think that's one good thing that came out of Covid 19, a lot of people realised that it doesn't matter as much where you are located. There are lots of ways to keep in touch like Zoom or even Social Media. So don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you aren't based in the UK.

Why should I pick you?
I believe in working with people. That means understanding that people come with different needs and experiences. Some of my clients have been new start up's or entrepreneurs and they need to process all the emotions that go with launching something new. Other clients have been New Age Shops to Churches so I take a genuine interest in your journey and experiences. My work is not just a transactional process, I love to connect with all people from all walks of life. I want to understand you and your organisation because that is how you get the best results and a truly bespoke, personal product from me.
If you want to have a faceless interaction from a huge agency you won't find that here.

What is it that you can do for me?
Pretty much anything related to communications. If you want a swish website, drool worthy document designs or some sexy meme's for your Social Media profiles then I'm your woman. 
I can write and edit copy for anything from informal blogs and in depth articles to newsletters and SEO's. 

I can audit your communications outputs and help you make it better. I can help you establish your brand identity so your organisation looks well put together, professional and, even if I say so myself, pretty darn good! The sky's the limit!


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