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You want to get your communications as tasty as possible so that people are hungry for a massive plate of whatever you're serving up. If you need a website, some social media help, a place to get your branding sorted or a document made to look delightful,

You are in the right place to make that happen.

It's been said that people eat with their eyes first. Well ...


I am a one woman communications, design and marketing powerhouse with over six years experience doing what I do. 

I can...

- Get more people hearing about your stuff. More people hearing about you means more customers/donors. Who doesn't want that?

- Take your stress away! You have enough on your plate. I can do your communications, so you can get back to what you care about most. 

- Give you the benefit of my experience. Instead of you trying to figure out how to update that webpage/make a sexy social media visual/write a cracking newsletter, give it to me. I KNOW WHAT TO DO. Then you can relax, put your feet up and enjoy the results.


Want to level up your social media content?
Need inspiration for what to put on your platforms?

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I specialise in; 

Third Sector/Community Groups/Charity Communications. 
Whether you need high level support to generate a communications strategy, key messaging and visual branding. A lift in your day to day outputs such as donor communications, fundraising & awareness campaigns and volunteer engagement. Or, if you simply need someone to jump on your social media channels and zhuzh up your content. Get in touch.


Start Up's, Individual Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners
I love working with all the energy and potential that fizzes around the room. I can help you develop your website, design your logo & build your branding kit, create a communications strategy & style guide or start your blog off with a bang by writing articles all optimised for your keywords, meta descriptions and SEO.

No idea what any of that means? Then, as all my teachers used to say; SEE ME

Public Sector/ Political Campaigns. 
I have worked with a number of individuals to deliver successful Campaigns including;

- a PPC for the Labour Party during the 2016 General Election

- Local Government Campaigns, By Elections and London Assembly Candidates

- Left Wing Think Tank Fabian Women's Network

When you work with me you are guaranteed someone who wants to fully understand you and your organisation so I can give you exactly what you want, when you want it.

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Contact us using the form below to find out how we can help you.
From time to time we like to send out little treats too, like discounts or a nice article full of interesting tidbits. 

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